TSA announces new District Referee Coordinator

The TSA is very pleased to announce Isaac Raymond as our new District Referee Coordinator.
Isaac brings a wealth of experience both on the field and as a referee educator.

Isaac’s first day in this part-time role was February 2, 2015.


Officiating Experience

Canadian Soccer Association, National Assessor
– Evaluate on-field performance of match officials with observations and feedback.

Canadian Soccer Association, National Technical Instructor
– FIFA Futuro III Technical instructor. Training and education from grassroots, up to and including National and FIFA referees.

Canadian Soccer Association, National Fitness Instructor
– FIFA Futuro III Fitness instructor. Training in fitness preparation related to on-field performance.

Ontario Soccer Association, Advanced Referee Training Program
– Training and education of officials at the elite provincial level.
– Steering committee member and lead instructor.

Supervisor of Officials, Provincial and National Championships
– Responsible for supervision, education, training and scheduling of match officials and assessors during high profile championship tournaments.

National List Official (retired)
– Highly regarded match official with experience at all levels from grass-roots to the professional game.

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