NEW – FIFA Laws of the Game 2016/17 Now Available!


FIFA Laws of the Game 2016-2017

In a ground-breaking move, the FIFA Laws of the Game is out earlier than ever before; April 13th.

Why you ask?

Great question. These will change the way we think about the game. Simply because it isn’t real until it’s on paper. That day is today.

There is simply far too much to be able to summarize the changes, but some changes will mean adapting to these changes effective next year.
Although we must wait for the CSA, and in turn the OSA to send out official word on the new text, we are providing it to you here so that you can be pro-active and get a head start on what’s to come next season.

Direct link:

“Summary of Changes” (65 pages):

IFAB Website:


Extremely Important – In Canada, and specifically Ontario, the changes to LOTG will not take effect until the next outdoor season, April 1, 2017.  Please wait for official word from CSA and OSA.


2 thoughts on “NEW – FIFA Laws of the Game 2016/17 Now Available!

  1. Better as a matter of health and safety to allow replaced player to rejoin the match and increase number of subsistuted players to five.this also make more extent and chalenge by allowing coach to changes his plans

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