TSRA Education – Foul Recognition

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Next TSRA Education Session Details:

Wednesday, March 15 – 7:00pm
Law 12: Fouls and Foul Recognition
**This session will be held at Etobicoke Civic Centre –  399 The West Mall, Toronto, ON M9C 2Y2**

This session will be extremely helpful for completing your 2017 Ontario Soccer Referee Registration Exam.

At this session, the following will be discussed

  • what is a foul (definition)
  • why fouls are committed
  • how we can recognize them better
  • what to watch out for
  • the difference between “trifling” and the concept of “right vs best”
  • the considerations
  • and lots…lots….LOTS of clips!
We ask that you please come prepared and bring with you the following:
  • 2017 IFAB LOTG law book
  • Disciplinary Cards (yellow/red cards)

Hope to see you all there!

TSRA Executive

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