FREE Sudden Cardiac Arrest Online Training

We at the TSRA know all to well how sudden cardiac arrests events can happen without warning – it was such an incident that sparked the created of “Referees Have Heart” where we raise money for life saving defibrillators to be placed at local fields in Toronto.

Recent events from the UEFA European Championships (Euro Cup) where Denmark’s Christian Eriksen suddenly collapsed during play and needed to be revived by an AED have sparked many FA’s to start training everyone involved in the game, to recognize the signs and how to quickly respond to such an event. As with any cardiac event, time is of the utmost importance and needs to be dealt with swiftly which is why players, coaches and officials should b e training as they are the closest people to an event and can intervene immediately, which drastically increases the odds of survival.

As such, There is a FREE Sudden Cardiac Arrest training course that you can take on the English FA’s website. We encourage anyone and everyone to take some time out of their day to complete it. This could happen to anyone, anytime, anywhere. BE PREPARED.

To register, please visit

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