2023 TSRA Education Sessions:
Below is the new schedule for online ZOOM education sessions.  Please join, participate, learn and enjoy! 
Click the links to pre-register (required) for each session and a link/password will be emailed to you.

31 – Mike Winstanley (PHSA DRC / OS Provincial Instructor) Offside
16 – Game Management /VideoReview
Armando Pereira (Former Provincial Referee/OS Instructor)

21 – Highlights Q&A
Melissa Snedden (FIFA AR)
David Barrie (CSA National Referee)

14 – Talented Pathway
Fabrizio Stasolla (CSA National Referee)

21 – Delaying the Restart
Joe Audi (CSA National Instructor)
4 – Challenges
Alexis Vaughn (Former National Referee / OS Instructor)

18 – LOTG Changes 2023
Alex Fletcher (SOSA President/OS Instructor)

25 – Kick Off Meeting – Date TBC

2 thoughts on “Education/Resources

  1. This sessions that are put on are amazing very informative and well put on, thanks to Amato and the rest of the speakers for their knowledge. Looking forward to the rest of the sessions.

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