2018 TSRA Education Sessions:
This year, TSRA Education will be jointly hosted with NYSRA.  Please pay special attention to the location of each session as they may change as we get closer to the date, according to venue availability.

January 10/11 – North York (Hangar)
Speaker – Amato DeLuca (FIFA, PRO, CSA)
Topic – TBD
Thursday, January 25 – Toronto (Wallace Emmerson CC)
Speaker – David Figliano (CSA Futsal Instructor/Assessor)
Topic – The Fun of Fouls
February 8 – North York (Hangar) – 7:00pm
Speaker – Renato DaCosta (NYSA DRC, OS Referee Instructor & Assessor)
Topic – Conflict Resolution and Report Writing
Friday, February 23 – Toronto (380 The East Mall in Etobicoke) – 7:00pm
Speaker – Alex Fletcher (OS BOD, Instructor/Assessor)
Topic – Managing Technical Areas: Ask/Tell/Remove
March 8 – North York (Hangar) – 7:00pm
Speaker – Amato DeLuca
Topic – Law 11: Offside
March 21 – Toronto (York Civic Centre)
Speaker – Armando Perreira (OS Prov. Insructor/Assessor)
Topic – TBD
April 5 – North York (Hangar)
Speaker – Kuizan Weekes (FIFA Futuro Fitness Intructor, Provincial MO)
Topic – Player Management
April 19 – Toronto (York Civic Centre)
Speaker – Michael Winstanley (PHSA DRC, OS Prov. Instructor)
Topic – Offside and Restarts: Understanding the 2017/18 Law Changes

Please check back in a couple of weeks as we are finalizing the schedule.


2 thoughts on “Education/Resources

  1. This sessions that are put on are amazing very informative and well put on, thanks to Amato and the rest of the speakers for their knowledge. Looking forward to the rest of the sessions.

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