Fitness Test

Here you will find all the necessary audio and instructions for your fitness test.

To download the audio so that you can test yourself and see where you’re at, right click on the audio you wish to download, then click “save link/resource as”.

(All audio files are in .mp3 format)

District Referee Beep Test:

This test is a continuous run between two cones, at 20 metres apart.
D7 must complete up to, and including level 7.
D8 must complete up to, and including level 8.


District Beep

*NEW FIFA High Intesity Interval Test:

The New FIFA HIIT consists of 2 parts:
Part 1 – 6 x 40 metre sprints
Part 2 – 40 x 75 metre run / 25m walk intervals.

This equates to 4,000m or 10 laps of a 400m athletics track. The pace is dictated by the audio file and reference times are set in accordance with the referee’s category.

Interval fifa fitness test for referees


OSA HI Test Standards are as follows:


FIFA High Intensity Interval Test Audio:
Click HERE for test audio.

2 thoughts on “Fitness Test

  1. Hi…thanks for these links.

    I have a question. The men’s regional test is 17/22 but the third men’s test posted is a 15/22 audio. Also, Women’s 17/22 is posted twice (in the second and the fourth spots on the right).

    Is this intentional?

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