FREE Referee App for Apple Watch Users

Are you a referee? (of course you are)

Have an Apple Watch?

If so, there is a really good app out there for your watch:

You can run the app independently on Apple watch or the iPhone. You can also download settings from iPhone to the Apple Watch if you prefer.

See how to set it up on the watch:

The app has three timers – game clock, stoppage clock and elapsed time. Elapsed time starts at zero and runs uninterrupted during the game. Game clock and stoppage clock are tied together – either game clock is running during the game or stoppage clock is running. Works much like a SPINTSO

The best part is that once you’re game is completed, you can sync it with your phone and send yourself a complete match report with all goals, cautions and send offs, including all the times.

Referee futsal?  The app also has a foul counter!

To get the app for free, just go to the app store on your phone, and look for a link to input this code – 6NWKJL6EKMRF.
The link should be at the very bottom of the screen.  Code will expire on February 21, 2018

Happy Whistling


Watch Screen Shots…

TSRA Education – New Laws Vol. 2

Image result for ifab laws of the game

Next TSRA Education Session Details:

Thursday, March 30 – 7:00pm
New Laws Vol. 2 – Laws 12 to 17
Presented by Armando Pereira
@ York Civic Centre – 2700 Eglinton Avenue West Toronto, ON  M6M 1V1

This session is extremely important as IFAB have made some 200+ changes to the laws of the game.

At this session, the following will be discussed

  • fould and misconduct
  • free kick procedures
  • penalty kick infringements and sanctions
  • restart changes
  • and lots…lots….LOTS of clips!
We ask that you please come prepared and bring you copy of 2016/17 IFAB LOTG law book
Hope to see you all there!

TSRA Executive

TSRA Education – Foul Recognition

Image result for soccer foulsImage result for soccer foulsImage result for soccer fouls

Next TSRA Education Session Details:

Wednesday, March 15 – 7:00pm
Law 12: Fouls and Foul Recognition
**This session will be held at Etobicoke Civic Centre –  399 The West Mall, Toronto, ON M9C 2Y2**

This session will be extremely helpful for completing your 2017 Ontario Soccer Referee Registration Exam.

At this session, the following will be discussed

  • what is a foul (definition)
  • why fouls are committed
  • how we can recognize them better
  • what to watch out for
  • the difference between “trifling” and the concept of “right vs best”
  • the considerations
  • and lots…lots….LOTS of clips!
We ask that you please come prepared and bring with you the following:
  • 2017 IFAB LOTG law book
  • Disciplinary Cards (yellow/red cards)

Hope to see you all there!

TSRA Executive

Correction Memo – Advantage After Send Off and IDFK

Image result for correction

At our education session last night, there was some talk surrounding the law change of playing an advantage and then restarting with an indirect free kick if the offending player gets involved with play.  Here is the clip that was presented to illustrate this point:

There was a slight error in the explanation of this change which we would like to now rectify.

The law reads:
“Advantage should not be applied in situations involving serious foul play,
violent conduct or a second cautionable offence unless there is a clear
opportunity to score a goal. The referee must send off the player when the ball
is next out of play but if the player plays the ball or challenges/interferes with
an opponent, the referee will stop play, send off the player and restart with an
indirect free kick.”  (IFAB LOTG 2016/17, pg. 84-85)
The IDFK restart ONLY applies in cases of a sending off (Red Card Offence, second caution included).
The reason for this is that the player who is getting involved should be sent off, and not be on the field of play any longer. For that player to remain on the field because of an advantage, and then get involved with play again (when he should have been sent off) is unfair and not allowed.
If there is a cautionable offense where an advantage is given, and the offending player in this case gets involved with play, the referee allows play to continue and must caution the player when the ball is next out of play.
If you have any questions regarding this clarification, or any law change in general, please do not hesitate to contact us at and we will be happy to assist.
Also, please check out our resources on the new 2016/17 changes – there’s lots of stuff there, including the OSA modules and clips with explanations.
Happy Whistling!
David Figliano
Director, Referee Education
Toronto Soccer Referees’ Association


OSA “New Laws” Modules

For your viewing, and reviewing, and re-reviewing pleasure (we suggest you watch these multiple times until you are comfortable with the new changes)…

Here are the OSA Modules that were recently released on RefCentre.  If you haven’t already taken each module test, and scored 100%, please do so ASAP as you will not be allowed to register for the upcoming 2017 season until you do!

OSA Modules can be found HERE


TSRA Executive


TSRA 2017 Education Session #2 – The NEW Dogso

Denying an Obvious Goal Scoring Opportunity (DOGSO) as you know it has changed for 2017!!!
This is the 2nd Education Session in the TSRA organized and hosted  for the 2017 pre-season Referee Education Series.
Referees must have a solid & up-to-date understanding of the laws and be able to quickly identify whether DOGSO has occurred or not. 

 The New DOGSO will cover all the latest information and provide unique perspectives that are sure to help referees of all levels – this is a learning opportunity not to be missed!

This referee education session is free and open to all referees of all levels. Attendance at this session also counts towards you receiving priority for referee assignments in the TSA.
Session Details:
Date: Friday, February 10, 2017
Time & Location: 7:00pmYork Civic Centre,  2700 Eglinton Ave. West.
Presented by:
Alex Fletcher (Pictured here with Pierluigi Collina)
– OSA Instructor
– OSA Assessor
– SOSA Vice President
– OSA Board of Directors Member
We will have 2017 Membership Forms on-hand so you’ll be able to register or renew your membership for this year.
Please bring your checkbook or cash. Receipts will be given.
We hope to see you there.
TSRA Executive